1. Nora Boe avatar

    hey so I just saw jacob in both sf and sac and he just killed both shows (sac especially, since he fought to come back there you could tell that his energy was even better) and he just keeps on proving that his shows are always something worth coming back to see !! wish I could do the sac show all over again just to be basically happy again :)

  2. Alli Whitesides avatar

    his eyes his smile his jawline his hair his relashionship with bea how he interacts with people on twitter his vocals his passion when he sings his voice live what he is like with fans in person how he treats al genders the same how much he loves taco bell...

  3. yagirlchrisi avatar

    I am finally meeting Jacob at the Sac show after waiting for years! I have a group chat for the show so if you're going dm me on twitter and ill add you in it! @yagirlchrisi

  4. Alli Whitesides avatar

    Can't wait to meet Jacob again at Darien lake. I need friends so add me up. Always here to talk about anything and mostly JACOB